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Ryan Clady in Jets down 2017 option after the free agent

New York Jets released a high-priced left-hander Ryan Krady, which started the number is an offseason list.

On Wednesday, the team told Clady’s players that he would not pay $ 1 million in the name bonus, and a source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. As there was no pay bonus, Wednesday, the Jets made Krady a free agent.

Clady, 30, who was only 10 months ago in trade with Denver Broncos, also plans to trade in the last year of the contract signed last April with an unproportionate base salary of $ 10 million.

The jets cut the cap space by $ 10 million, cut Clady, which should make their salary cap in 2017 expected. Before they were about $ 7 million over the cap.

This is the first important salary dump in what number is a big overhaul. High-profile players such as Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold and Brandon Marshall can follow him out.

Jets, they tried to persuade Clady to fail to pay, and could reapply him later. Clady, who missed the last seven games after tearing the rotator cuff and recovered from surgery.

Now they have a crevice hole on the left tackle. Ben Ijalana replaces Clady in the left attack, is a pending free agent. There is no obvious heir on the roster.

This is a rare situation in the jets’ instability.

For ten years, the left-hander was headed by D’Brickashaw Ferguson, but he retired last April. The jets tried a chance to surrender the fifth pick to the Mustang, who had a talented, injured Clady body. The jet also received the seventh round.

Clady, the first draft of the 2008 season, made four professional teams and two full-time teams in Denver’s seven seasons. Because of the foot and knee injury, he played from 2013 to 2015 only played 18 games.

The curse of injury happened again in the last season. Krady torn the rotator cuff in the third week, according to the jets, but he played for a month. It became unbearable that he was placed in the injured after the ninth race.

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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Brandon Marshall(Brandon Marshall Jersey) took a swing at teammate Darrelle Revis during a chippy practice Friday in which the two New York Jets stars jawed at each other throughout an intense head-to-head battle on the field.

It culminated with a confrontation between plays. An incensed Marshall left the offensive sideline and walked about 20 yards to confront Revis, who was stationed at his cornerback position. They exchanged words, and Marshall immediately unleashed an open-handed slap at Revis, which didn’t land.

The skirmish ended quickly. Team staffer Dave Szott, a former NFL offensive lineman, separated the two players. Wide receiver Quincy Enunwa bear-hugged Marshall from behind and literally carried him away from the scene. There was no brawl, and practice proceeded.

The trash-talking got personal. At one point, Marshall yelled Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins’ name to Revis, bringing up perhaps the worst game of Revis’ career. Revis was burned badly by Hopkins in a game last season.

Afterward, Marshall told reporters he swung at Revis because he was provoked. He said Revis took umbrage when he caught a pass on him in a one-on-one drill and taunted him with a first-down signal.

“He took that personal,” Marshall said. “He said, ‘You won’t disrespect me again.’”

A short time later, Revis struck him in the face, according to Marshall.

“I beat him twice times in a row, and, on the third, he swung and hit me in the face,” Marshall said. “Ever since then, it got really competitive. That came back up in that moment. I told him, ‘Don’t ever put your hands in my face again like that.’ He kind of baited me to do it, and I did it. It kind of went too far, but there’s a thin line between football and being a man.”

Marshall admitted they “crossed that football line, but I can’t let nobody slap me in the face.” He also accused Revis of making personal comments that “went off the field.”

From there, Revis dominated Marshall at the start of team drills, holding him without a catch on four targets. Marshall was furious after one pass break-up, cursing at a game official. He felt Revis should’ve been flagged for pass interference. Marshall redeemed himself by beating Revis twice, including a long touchdown reception. Marshall taunted Revis after the play, yelling at him from across the field.

“I just felt like the way he handled things in one-on-one is what you do to a rookie,” Marshall said. “I’m going on year 11 and I’ve been super successful in this league, so I took it personal. But I appreciated it because it took my practice to a whole other level. I learned from it.”

Marshall insisted it was an isolated incident, and that he and Revis are close friends, but fiercely competitive. Revis declined to speak with reporters. This was his first full practice since off-season wrist surgery. Coach Todd Bowles said he addressed it with the team, essentially telling the players that trash talking is accepted, but not punching.

“You’re going to get pissed off in camp as a player. It’s not charm school,” Bowles told reporters. “They play football. Both of them got to where they were for making plays and not backing down. Neither player is going to back down. You like that about the competitiveness, you just have to keep it clean. For the most part, they did.”

Bowles said he had no problem with Marshall taunting Revis with the reminder about his performance against Hopkins.

“No, you have to use any means necessary when you’re on the field,” he said. “They’re going to get under your skin on Sunday. There the things [the public doesn't] hear on Sunday are a billion times worse than that. They’ve both been out there long enough, and they both have tools to get under each others’ skin, especially when it gets chippy.”

Marshall has a history of erratic behavior, most of it occurring early in his career when he played for the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins. A few days ago, he punted a football over the bleachers after a poor performance by the offense. Afterward, he laughed it off, attributing it to his competitiveness.

Bowles said he’s not worried about Marshall regressing to his old ways.

“I don’t think it was an outburst,” Bowles said of Marshall’s actions toward Revis. “It was just two good players going at it, talking mess. Revis won some, and Brandon won some. It got chippy, but it’s camp. It’s supposed to be. … It’s football. We’re not here because of a beauty pageant. … We want them on the edge.”

Curiously, Marshall lamented his curse at the official more than his behavior toward Revis. He praised Revis for being the best cornerback in the league, insisting there will be no ramifications.

“Yes, I’m pissed off right now and, yes, he’s pissed off right now, but at the end of the day, we’ve got to move forward,” Marshall said. “It may take a couple of hours. It can’t go into the locker room. There’s not going to be no brawl or anything like that.”

The incident occurred a few days shy of the one-year anniversary of the infamous Geno Smith-IK Enemkpali locker-room altercation in which Smith’s jaw was broken by his teammate’s punch.

Brandon Marshall Jets Jersey

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — For the second time in six games, New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall(Brandon Marshall Jersey) issued a postgame mea culpa on social media, scolding himself Sunday for critical mistakes in his team’s second defeat.

Marshall dropped a would-be touchdown in the fourth quarter and committed a game-ending penalty in the Jets’ 30-23 loss to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

The Jets could’ve taken an eight-point lead with 12:50 remaining in the game, but Marshall dropped a 12-yard pass on third down in the end zone.

They settled for a field goal and a 20-16 lead, squandering four points.

“Absolutely, that’s all on me,” Marshall told reporters. “If I make that play, it puts us in a better position. I didn’t make the play and it put our team in a bad situation. You have to make those plays in games like this, so it’s all on me. It will definitely be my fuel this week to get better.”

Coach Todd Bowles went easy on Marshall.

“It would’ve been a tough catch if he made it,” Bowles said. “He’s capable of making those catches, but he just didn’t come down with it.”

In the Jets’ previous loss, Week 3 to the Philadelphia Eagles, Marshall hurt the team with what he called “probably the worst play in NFL history.” He took to Twitter, vowing to fans it never would happen again.

Marshall, who entered Sunday with four straight 100-yard receiving days, ended the game with a false-start penalty. Down by seven after recovering an onside kick, Ryan Fitzpatrick completed a pass over the middle to Eric Decker — a curious play choice, considering the Jets had no timeouts left.

With the clock ticking, Fitzpatrick spiked the ball with one second left at the Patriots’ 37, thinking they’d try a Hail Mary. But a flag was thrown because Marshall failed to get set at the line. With a 10-second runoff, the game was over.

Marshall said there was a miscommunication with the inside receiver on who would be on the line of scrimmage and who would be off.

“I should have done a better job of trying to figure that out faster,” he said. “That’s on me.”