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Authentic Russell Westbrook Jersey

With Dion Waiters agreeing in principle to a deal with the Miami Heat, according to multiple reports, the Oklahoma City Thunder have opened the option to offer All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook(Russell Westbrook Jersey) a maximum level extension.

In the wake of former MVP Kevin Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors, the Thunder have turned their attention to locking up Westbrook long-term as their primary offseason objective and will present him with an extension offer. Westbrook is set to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

The Thunder rescinded Waiters’ $6.8 million qualifying offer last week, making him an unrestricted free agent. However, they did not renounce him, keeping his Bird Rights, which also put a $12.8 million cap hold on their books. With Waiters set to sign with the Heat, that hold will come off, bringing the Thunder more than $14 million under the salary cap. To sign Westbrook to a maximum extension, the Thunder need about $8.7 million in space.

The Thunder can renegotiate Westbrook’s contract up, starting him on a four-year, maximum level deal this season. Currently, Westbrook is set to make $17.7 million this season, but could move that to close to around $27.5 million on a renegotiated deal this season. In the long term, Westbrook will make more money on a renegotiated extension than if he waits to sign a max level contract next summer, even with the rising salary cap.

Should Westbrook reject the Thunder’s extension offer, the team will likely then explore trading their All-Star point guard.

Westbrook can sign an extension with the Thunder up to June 30, 2017.

Elite Jared Allen Jersey

GREEN BAY, Wis. — And here, all this time, we thought Jared Allen(Jared Allen Jersey), Ryan Longwell and Steve Hutchinson were teaming up to convince Brett Favre to come back to the Minnesota Vikings for one more season during their training-camp trip to Mississippi in 2010.

Turns out, only two of them — Longwell and Hutchinson — were recruiting the soon-to-be Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback. Allen, the team’s Pro Bowl defensive end, actually told Favre to stay retired.

Allen, appearing on former Green Bay Packers and Cincinnati Bengals linebacker A.J. Hawk’s podcast, told Hawk that when then-Vikings coach Brad Childress dispatched him, Longwell and Hutchinson to Favre’s 465-acre estate outside Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Allen ended up telling Favre not to come back for one more season.

And if anyone thought that perhaps Allen was joking — he does tell Hawk at one point that he was simply using the trip “to get out of training camp for a few days” — or engaging in some revisionist history, he wasn’t, according to Longwell, who for 11 of his 15 NFL seasons was teammates with Favre (nine in Green Bay, two in Minnesota).

“There was a lot said between the four of us in those 16 hours that we were down there,” Longwell said in a text message Friday. “That was for sure one of the subjects that came up. [It’s] 100 percent true.”

Favre had had a turn-back-the-clock season in 2009, beating the Packers twice — he threw seven touchdown passes and no interceptions in the two games against his former team — and leading the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game, which they lost to the eventual Super Bowl-champion New Orleans Saints in overtime after Favre’s interception late in regulation.

So, as he looked around Favre’s expansive property after he and his teammates arrived on team owner Zygi Wilf’s private jet, Allen advised Favre against a 2010 return.

“I was the one guy who told him, ‘Stay retired,’” Allen recounted to Hawk. “Hutch and Longwell put the pressure on him. I was like, ‘Listen, dude. It looks like you got it pretty good down here.’ His place is amazing. I’m like, ‘I’m going to be real honest with you. If I’m you, I stay retired.’”

As it turns out, Favre should have listened; the Vikings went 6-10 and Favre saw his NFL-record ironman streak end at 322 consecutive starts (including playoffs) when he suffered a concussion in a 40-14 home loss to Chicago in late December. The Packers, meanwhile, went on to win Super Bowl XLV, the team’s first NFL title since Favre led the 1996 team to a Super Bowl XXXI victory.

“I’m like, ‘Don’t come back thinking you’ve got to prove something,’” Allen said. “’If you want to come back and have fun with us and try to win some football games, do it. If not, I might retire and move down here [with you].’”

Authentic Kevin Durant Jersey

In a surprise turn, the NBA is pulling back on its salary-cap projection for the 2017-18 season, according to a league memo obtained by ESPN, and it could complicate the Golden State Warriors’ efforts to keep their new super team together.

The league previously projected the 2017-18 cap to hit $107 million but lowered that number to $102 million Thursday and lowered the luxury-tax-line projection from $127 million to $122 million.

This will affect teams’ planning for 2017 free agency — specifically the Warriors. Kevin Durant(Kevin Durant Jersey) is signing a contract Thursday that will allow him to re-enter the market as a free agent next summer. Because the Warriors will not have his full rights at that time, they will have to create $33.5 million in cap space if Durant wants a new max contract.

Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala are also scheduled to be free agents next summer. The Warriors retain both players’ full rights, but it will be a challenge to re-sign them while also leaving room for Durant. That challenge was just projected to be $5 million more difficult.

It is noteworthy that these projections are based on the current collective bargaining agreement. Both the NBA and the players’ union have an option to end the agreement by Dec. 15. If either side opts out, it would not affect the 2016-17 season. The sides have been in talks about a new agreement for months, and new terms could change all the projections.

The players currently receive up to 51 percent of the basketball-related income, which this year topped $6.5 billion. There was a shortfall, and the owners returned a record $130 million to the players. In the memo sent Thursday, the NBA projected a shortfall next year of $200 million that would be sent to the players.