Brock Osweiler a ‘pleasant surprise’ in Browns camp

A little more than a week ago, I wrote a post exploring whether the Browns would actually keep Brock Osweiler as their third quarterback.

But life comes at you fast.

On Wednesday, Browns head coach Hue Jackson talked up the former Texans divorcee. The comments added to what has been an Osweiler boost of late, altering already scrambled perceptions of who, exactly, is winning the job this preseason. At the least, Osweiler no longer seems second fiddle to the second-round draft pick the Browns received for taking him.

#Browns Hue Jackson said Brock Osweiler has been “pleasant surprise. Everybody has a reputation. He’s not that. He has a good feel to him.”

— Scott Petrak ct (@ScottPetrak) May 31, 2017
I’ve heard Brock has been excellent, as well. Yes, it’s OTAs. But at least, they are getting more out of him than anticipated.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) May 31, 2017
There’s always a chance that Osweiler was the quarterback that Broncos vice president John Elway projected him to be, but myriad factors in Houston got in the way. At the least, he is average to slightly-above-average, which is more than the Browns can say about their current crop of otherwise unproven, young passers.

There is also a chance that Jackson is finally getting an idea of what he wants from this version of his offense and who might be able to get him to that vision.

Because we’re deep into spring football minutiae, the Browns quarterback race could change a dozen more times before opening day. But for now, the competition seems as wide open as ever.

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